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This article only further confirms that we will all be replaced by cyborgs and that Skynet will prevail.

Don’t you despise the process of trying to score weed through the shady guy down the street? Maybe, you’ve got breast cancer and need a new batch of marijuana to provide a non-toxic alternative to chemotherapy while achieving the same results minus the painful and unpleasant side effects. Panasonic Corporation understands the inconvenience and has introduced a new medical robot that dispenses drugs to patients. That’s right, grade-A medical marijuana can now be dispensed from a vending machine, but you’ll need a pre-programmed membership card to determine validity.

ddrimage2 Robots Dispense Medication, Vending Machines Marijuana

How does it work?

Pharmacists place the medicine inside of the robot, which stores medical data. Drugs for each patient are sorted out by the robot and then placed into the drawers bearing the names of the respective patients. The robot is expected to go on sale to Japanese hospitals next March. Later next year, it is expected that Panasonic will target American and European hospitals.

“This robot is the first in our robotics project. It sorts out injection drugs to patients, saving time for pharmacists,” said Kadota.

drug dispensing robot1 Robots Dispense Medication, Vending Machines Marijuana

Located at The Nutrition Health Center in Los Angeles, this robotic dispensary will be convenient when you need a refill of medication. Designed by a 29-year-old lawyer named Mehdizadeh, this vending machine is no visual beauty, but its security measures are absolutely incredible. The system is unique, relying on both a swipe card and a finger scan. User identity is quickly established by placing an index finger on the glowing red sensor along with the amount of money left on their card and their monthly marijuana allotment.

Take the convenience of vending machines and the technology of Panasonic and you’ve got one high-tech bud dispensing robot. Put in your payment and instead of receiving a Pepsi or a bag of pretzels, will lay a green box containing a business card for the center and the marijuana. It’s legal because the marijuana can only be dispensed through the recommendation of a doctor. To make sure the system can’t be abused, the designer has installed a computer program that will only sync with the user’s swipe card. Pretty nifty!

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